Steps You Need To Take In Cleaning


There are many ways and many tools that you can use when cleaning.  The first and most important is the cleaning supplies that you use.  If you are looking to get the best results, consider hiring green commercial cleaning services san diego ca pros.  If you want to DIY, though, try to use supplies are safe for the environment and will do as good if not better a job than harsh chemicals and supplies.

Start with the trash

The best thing to do in any cleaning project is to remove the trash and any other bulky items that will take up space in your cleaning project.  When you remove these items, you are able to move freely around the room just removing the dirt, germs and other contaminants that have built up throughout the day.

Wipe down counters

You want to start with wiping down counters.  Since the counters are higher up off the ground anything that you may knock down will fall onto the carpet.  This will also ensure that you are not getting areas dirty that were once clean.

Look for problem areas

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As you start your cleaning process you want to look for problem areas.  These can be areas that may have stains or other items that need special attention.  When you spot these areas, you can start putting your time and effort into them ensuring that they get done before you move on to other projects.

Open the windows

If possible, consider opening the windows.  When you open the windows, you are letting fresh air into the room.  Some businesses and buildings might not allow you to open the windows, but if you can, it is a great way to let in some fresh air.

Do a final spot check

After you have gone through your room have someone do a walk through and do a spot check.  This spot check will allow you to see if any areas might have gotten dirty or otherwise not touched.  Finally, walk out the door, shut off the lights and move on to your next cleaning project.